Hearthstone Battleground Entry

Tournament Entry for our upcoming event

Quantity: 16

Hearthstone Battlegrounds Tournament!

Table Top Cafe’s first Battlegrounds Tournament!
$10 entry fee.

Prizes of store credit based on attendance.
Bring your own gaming device (laptop, tablet, or phone), device charger, and hearthstone account. Some outlets will be made available. Perks are allowed.

Up to 16 players will compete over 3 rounds in custom battleground lobbies ranging from 5 to 8 players set up through our fireside gathering. Every round you’ll earn points from getting in the top 4 of your lobby.
1st - 5 points | 2nd - 4 points | 3rd - 2 points | 4th - 1 point
After 3 rounds whomever has the most points wins! In the event of a tie prizes will be split.

Entrance fee also covers game time for the day, come early or stay late!